Benoni Family Photographer – Luzè & Walter tie the knot

So I say this again – I am not a wedding photographer, those of you that know me know that babies are where my passion for photography lies.   However there comes certain times that a special story occurs and I am willing to (and able to) break the rules :).      Luzè’s husband Derek passed away tragically from Leukemia  at the beginning of 2014 and we were all devastated that such a vibrant young soul had been taken so soon.    But there were other plans in store for Luzè and Amirè.      Luzè met Walter on a church camp and found love again and Walter has taken Amirè into his arms and become a daddy to her.   The three of them are all very blessed and I honestly could not be happier for anyone.    Guys your day was beautiful and so filled with love , I have no doubt that this is one union that is going to be a strong one.


  • Janeane - I am so happy for you three! Luze you and Amire looked absolutely stunning xxx

  • Janeane - Think you need to do a rock the frock or trash the dress shoot 😉

  • Ani Velthuysen Luzes granny - Thank you. These are beautiful as always. I could not be there.

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