Dresses of pure delight

When I was a young girl,  I was absolutely convinced that I was born in the wrong era.    My mind would wander and I would imagine myself dressed in frocks and corsets befitting a Victorian princess.    My mother didn’t help the situation by telling me that she was sure I was meant to be royalty, but that is a story for another day.

So imagine my absolute DELIGHT when I arrived at this shoot and the dresses supplied were right out of my fantasies.   Honestly people, you have to do yourself a favour and check out this website of this enormously talented designer http://www.immagika.com/.    This stuff is beyond beautiful, it’s out of a storybook.   And can I mention one more time, the beauty of our venue

  • Cazpi - Stunning stunning dresses and pictures!

  • Tanya Rudman - Absolutely stunning!!! 😉

  • cat@juggling act - Oh those are dream dresses – and great pictures.

  • Stella - Beautiful! Love the first two 🙂

  • Berlia - Were can i get hold of these dresses, i realy want one

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