Johannesburg Matric Farewell Photographer – Candice and Keagan

Candice and Keagan are twins and together with their respective partners joined me to take photographs to commemorate their very special day.    I was saying to a friend of mine that teenagers these days seem to have a maturity , confidence and poise that wasn’t around in my day, or perhaps I just don’t remember it.     We finished with the shoot and as I was leaving I saw that they had the coolest limo ever, soI turned back, unpacked my gear and took a few more shots with them at the limo, I totally loved it!

Thanks guys for the fun afternoon, you joined in with the spirit and enthusiasm that makes my job seriously easy!

Candice and Keegan and twins so their parents had a double dose of planning to do for this momentous event.     I can really say that I enjoyed myself so much with these lovely youngsters, they were friendly and enthusiastic about their

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