Justin and Tanya at Ekudeni | Johannesburg Wedding Photography

Ok, again I have to tell you that I am not a wedding photographer, and I was very clear on this when I was contacted by Tanya.    It takes a very special photographer to do weddings, and my forte is definitely with children and babies.    But she mailed me back telling me that she did not want a wedding photographer, she just wanted someone to take a few pics of her and Justin getting married.   So we met, we chatted and I could see straight away that these two were the most chilled people to ever tie the knot so I decided to do it.   It was a lot of fun, but boy was it hot!!    They got married at 2pm and the sun was really unforgiving.   Tanya looked exquisite in a fantasy wedding dress made by her exceptionally talented mom and the groom looked so proud as he watched his bride walk down the aisle.    The wedding cake and cupcakes were made by the bride’s aunt – obviously an extremely talented family.    Tanya wanted to get back to her guests so the shoot afterwards went pretty quickly and we left them to enjoy their party.

Tanya and Justin, may your lives together be forever blessed and full of the happiness that I witnessed on Saturday.

Thanks very much to Christie Mann for second shooting xxx

Got quite a few to show so made a slideshow instead

  • rene - Wow love it

  • Jeanette - Well done Colleen!!

  • Tanya - Love the pics, really beautifully captured Coll!

  • Hannalee - Well done on your first wedding, Colleen! I love the ring shots and how lucky were you to have a beautiful sky like that?

  • Hannes Uys - Well done!!

  • Jay - Will you never cease to amaze and WOW me. You defiantly captured the day.

  • admin - Ah Jay thanks so much, really appreciate it 🙂 and ditto hey?

  • admin - Thanks Hannes 🙂

  • Buhle Kumalo - Wow, you are doing such an amazing job, God bless you!

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