Modderfontein Photographer – Sevitz Family goes Ape

I can’t remember when last I’ve done a personal post.   Yesterday for the first time in ages I got a true day off with my family and lugged my camera along to Go Ape Modderfontein.      I was quite nervous about it as my children aren’t the most adventurous sort but I knew once they got going they’d enjoy it.   My Tyla who I thought was going to wipe the course was in tears and asked to be taken off which we did.    One of the helpers chatted to her and consoled her and then did a bit of the course with her and after that she loved it.      Aaron really surprised us.   He is quite clumsy and big for his age.  He is only 8 but looks like a 13 year old so I could see some of the parents giving him the look and you could see how they thought he should be with the older kids.   Well he loved it, I haven’t seen my kid enjoy physical activity like this in ages and we will definately be going back.

The only criticism I can give Go Ape is that there should be a few more helpers for beginners.  It was a bit frustrating to look for someone when you needed them, but when you did get someone to help the staff were absolutely amazing!


  • Janeane Beissner - Aw Mom kids getting so big!!! So happy you got some stunning pics of your family for a change 😉 Looks like loads of fun there kids must have had a ball.

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