Nash and Vaughn Wedding Photographs

Everyone who knows me will tell you that I am not interested in doing wedding photography – not because I don’t like weddings, but because I don’t like drama – it takes a very special person to handle Bridezilla and her mother :).   Last week one of my very special friends got married at Avianto in Muldersdrift and it truly was the perfect wedding day.  Nash looked like a fairy princess and her daughters looked like they had stepped from the pages of a story book.   Lets not forget the handsome prince who has made my friend so happy.   Anyway, to get back to my original story, I managed to get a few pics without having to deal with Bridezilla on her wedding day.  That honour went to my very good friend and mentor Susan van den Berg who did an amazing job.

  • tanyarudman - Lovey colleen 😀

  • Heidi - Stunning Colleen!!!

  • Natacha - Stunning Col! Absolutely stunning!!!!

  • Gilz - Gorgeous

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