Puppy Luv ♥♥♥ | Johannesburg Newborn Photographer

Ok, I admit it, this is not your everyday newborn.   Meet Roxy – precious newborn of Brian and Sue Collins.    Brian and Sue went through a very traumatic time with their beloved dog Angus last year.   He was diagnosed with cancer and after trying for an awful few months to save his life with chemo, Angus lost his battle.     Sue and Brian did not want a “replacement” for Angus but soon realised that the remaining partner Amy, was very lonely during the day and soon Roxy came along to keep her company.   Of course she has crept into everybody’s hearts.      Embarrasingly, I took these photographs before December, so my biggest apologies to my friend for taking forever to post them for her xxx.

  • cat@juggling act - Oh Colleen, that must be one of the cutest newbron’s ever. My, she is adorable.

  • Stella - so cute!!!!

  • Jeanette - Colleen, these are just gorgeous!

  • Sue Collins - This are aweome, thanks Coll

  • Megan Hughes - awww man this is so adorable!!!!

  • Tanya Rudman - AWWWWW How adorable!! I must bring Tumbles and Romy for some pics 😀 That would be soooooo awesome!!

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